PDI Quality Policy

ProtoDesign, Inc continuously improves to meet or exceed the expectations of its customers by striving for excellence in delivering products and services that are on-time with zero-defects.

Capabilities Brochure

PDI Capabilities Brochure

Capabilities Brochure Download

Installation & Operating Manuals (IOMs)

  • Safety Low-Water Cutoff (LW) - Download
  • Feed-Water Controls (FW) - Download
  • Dual Function Feed-Water & Safety Low-Water Cutoff (FLW) - Download
  • Tri-Function Feed-Water, Primarily Low-Water Cutoff, Safety Low-Water Cutoff (FLLW) - Download
  • Low-Water Non-Powered Relay (LWNM) - Download

QMS and Product Certifications

  • ISO9001- DownloadISO90001 Certification - ProtoDesign -2023
  • ISO IEC80079-34
  • UL1998
  • UL353
  • CE1725
  • ATEX
  • FM US & Canada
  • FM UL
  • EN13980
What is CE?

CE marking is a declaration by the manufacturer that the product meets all the appropriate provisions of the relevant legislation implementing certain European Directives. CE marking gives companies easier access into the European market to sell their products without adaptation or rechecking. The letters CE stand for “Conformité Européenne” which means “European Conformity”. They are a declaration by the manufacturer that his product meets the requirements of the applicable European Directive(s).

What is FM?

FM Approval is an ATEX notified body (No. 1725) within Europe and can undertake the assessment, testing, and certification of your products and manufacturing facility against the ATEX directive.

What is UL?

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent product safety certification organization. UL develops standards and test procedures for products, materials, components, assemblies, tools, and equipment, chiefly dealing with product safety.

What is UL353?

These requirements cover limit controls, furnace fan controls, and other interlocks which are essentially switches responding to changes in liquid level, pressure, or temperature. Although not limited to such specific applications, these safety controls include those intended primarily to safeguard heating appliances, heating systems, processing systems, and air-conditioning and ventilating systems. These controls are for use in ordinary locations. Requirements for the installation and use of limit controls are included in Standards of the National Fire Protection Association, such as those for Installation of: Prevention of Furnace Explosions in Fuel Oil and Natural Gas-Fired Watertube Boiler Furnaces With One Burner, NFPA 85C-1991.

What is UL913?

Intrinsically Safe Apparatus and Associated Apparatus for Use in Class I, II, and III, Division I, Hazardous (Classified) Locations.

ISO9001, IEC80079-34,
Established 1991
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